15 October 2006


I am a lucky girl. The last time my best friend Trey visted me from Chicago, she brought me these amazing bath bombs from Lush.


I first went to Lush when I visited London with Trey, and this place is amazing. Everything is handmade on the premises and they use architectural lettering on their products, which is my favorite!

The only problem was this....


Our new apartment had a gaping hole above the shower from a leak for about three months.

I could have taken a bath. I took plenty of showers. But in case a rat or a giant spider decided to drop through this hole, I did not want to be sitting vulnerable in a bathtub and waste a valuable bath bomb on a visitor.

Well, finally the hole has been patched up and I took a glorious bath with the bathball called
Big Blue.

I felt refreshed, like I had just swam in the Pacific, if the Pacific was warm of course. It was fizzy and had salt, bits of moisturizing seaweed, and was bright turqoise. I was so glad I skipped the gym to luxuriate instead!

For all my Philly friends, they just opened a new one on Walnut, between Broad and 15th. You should check it out. Feel free to buy me something if you feel inclined. (Wink).

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Lisa said...

Such funny visions I had of you, Big Blue and a sudsy spider. He he he. I stopped in at Lush the other day and YOWZA what a place...good thing I left my credit cards behind.