15 October 2006

Fit for a Queen

Thank goodness I ripped out the shawl slated for this Koigu, because it is turning into some lovely socks. I was knitting them prior to donating blood for the American Red Cross, and a lady commented, "It looks like you're knitting with toothpicks!"


You can see the progress below, as well as the lovely DIY Double Point Holders, a present from Sherry! Click on the link for a tutorial. Or be nice to Sherry, and maybe you'll get lucky! They really work well, and I think she should start selling them. I'd like another pair, and she has started adding beads to some of them!


I'm knitting both socks from the toe-up, and at the same time on size zero dpns. I had a set of metal needles, a
nd wanted to try out some bamboo ones, and see which I prefer. So far, the gauge is pretty consistent. The toes are a little wonky, because I lost the instruction sheet given to me for the Toe-Up Sock Workshop I took at Rosie's. Perhaps I can buy one if I stop by tonight...I've made about an inch of progress from the picture taken below.

I was pretty busy being a bridesmaid in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend, and ended up reading the entire flight instead of knitting. My other excuse is that I sat next to a gassy gentleman on the plane, and did not want any merino wool out that would retain the noxiousness. (Aren't you happier for knowing that!) I'll post some pictures of the wedding next week...Right after I post the pattern for the cable knit hat I promised...


Last but not least, for show and tell today, here is my treasured spare toilet paper holder in the likeness of Queen Elizabeth I. My parents picked her up in England circa 1989. I've had her out at parties before, but the Virgin Queen has not gotten the recognition she deserved until this year! She sits upon her porcelain throne so regally and helpfully, when you need a spare square.

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Lisa said...

Those are going to be lovely socks! Want me to xerox the directions for you? I am already on me second copy from Lisa, the first fell victim to a vengeful Artemis.

Missed you last night...boo hoo.