20 December 2010

Creepy Ornament Party + Cute Doxies!

We got a late start on our annual tradition of creating ornaments this year. At last count, we were going to make one for each of our 8 years together. Last year we made a blue bird, fried chicken drumstick, pink snuggie, christmas tree, star, and yellow popple. For other people, I made a fly fishing vest, a leopard snuggie and a candy cane.

Our good pals came over last night for pizza, ornament making and eggnog spiked with Snap liquor. Mike rounded out our count of 8 ornaments with the creepiest elf ever (and boyfriend to Shona's scary ornament), and a sweet pink and white candy cane. Olivia made a cute ornament of her greyhound Salty, and inspired me to make canine ornaments for my cousins in NYC.

They have 2 rescue daschunds named Mr. and Mrs. Beasley. I adore my cousins and the dogs, so thought they deserved their own ornaments. Mr. B had a health scare too, so I thought this could cheer them up a bit.

My nephew-dog

Here are their names with some holly (inspired by ornaments my Mom and Godmother made with felt back in the 70s!).

Mr. & Mrs. Beasley Ornaments

And the back! I will not lie. I am damn proud of these ornaments. The colors are lovely, and they're just so cute!

Mr. & Mrs. Beasley Ornaments

I may have a few more ornaments left in me this year. Here's hoping!

Mr. & Mrs. Beasley Ornaments

Oh, and the fourth member of our group made his own creepy ornament to put Mike's to shame. It may have been my idea, to commemorate a Halloween costume that our friend made to document the trash and chicken bones that are constantly littering our street...

Ah, Christmas cheer!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Scary angel asks that you not tease her with promises of a boyfriend, she's a bit lonely.

Mariss said...

I'll tell Creepy Elf that he must Woo Scary Angel properly. After all, one can still be chivalrous and scary at the same time :)

Mike said, "Fine, do you want me to put him at the back of the tree?" after I complained that he was staring at me. hahahah. I said he could stay front and center.

BAB said...

Love your ornaments! You crack me up -:).