15 December 2009

Fried Chicken Ornaments

Last year, Mike and I started an annual tradition of creating handmade ornaments for each other for Christmas. This year, I started early by ordering a sixty color mini bundle of felt from Lupin Handmade.


We started off normally. Mike made a Christmas tree ornament for our Christmas tree. I made something that I fondly remember. My yellow Popple stuffed animal from 1985. Andrew and I both had one, and they were the best toy. The Popple ornament has a seam on the back (for it's head to pop out), and a miniature pom-pom that I made with tufts of yarn in my stash. Though small, it was a mighty effort! Ha.


Then things just got silly. The big stash of felt started to beckon us. "What is ridiculous that needs to be made out of felt? I have your perfect color right here!"

Uh, obviously a pink Snuggie ornament had to be made. Mike bought one for me as a joke for my birthday. It is not perfect for an outdoor sporting event, by the way, because my butt would freeze! That is why I will be developing the "Snoncho" in 2010. That's right, it will be a poncho with sleeves, and perhaps a beer cozy. I cannot wait to act in my own infomercial.

Snuggie Ornament

Mike crafted a Frankenstein-looking fried chicken leg. I love it.

Fried Chicken Ornament

We've also decided to make up for the past 8 Christmases where we did not partake in this tradition. Hilarity to surely ensue... Our new fake tree loves us.


MaleficentKnits said...

OMG! the pink snuggie! you have to make one for your friend in NYC, Zack(?)... he would love it!

Lisa said...

Kudos to Mike and the chicken leg!!!!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

OMG I want to be in your infomercial wearing the Snoncho, giving a testimonial, or whatever else you would have me do. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!

Jessica Nichols said...

See this is why I love blogging. How on earth would I have ever seen your fried chicken felt ornament otherwise?

Robin said...

LOVE the pink snuggie! You two are awesome.

Jamie Watson said...

This is too awesome. The snuggie and chicken leg - wow. Wow.

Bomb Ass Bridesmaid said...

I love it, patent the Snocho NOW, it will sell -:). Love you!

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

what a great idea – The Snoncho!
I hope you make millions :)

BTW, I love your ornaments. Keep going with them...I bet you will have the best looking tree around!

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, the Snuggie ornament! I swear, that is the gift for 2009--a friend of mine put an iron-on skull&roses thing on the one she gave me old coworker. Too funny.

& tagged you, if you get a chance with everything going on!

Hope you're having an awesome holiday.

Nic said...

I told Brent about your snuggie with a back/snoncho idea and his response was, "Isn't that just a poncho?" To which I then replied, "But it has sleeves, so I think it's a sweater!" HAHAHAhahahaha. But I bet you could still make megabucks with an infomercial and that snazzy snoncho name!

So sorry we missed you all vacation long. Hope you are feeling better!