22 February 2010

Pink + Purple Endless Knitting

My fingers have been itching to knit something mindless, without having to deal with a pattern or much gauge. I saw Jenny Gordy's adorable hat and scarf set on Wiksten-Made, and was inspired to make my own continuous scarf.

Wiksten Inspired Scarf

It was the perfect excuse to use a gorgeous skein of
Socks that Rock. from Kate that I somehow managed to keep during an intense holiday yarn steal and exchange at Rosie's last year. I wanted to something with it, but didn't have the right inspiration. The 2 x 2 rib helps to break up the pools of color, and I like the zig zag effect.

Wiksten Inspired Scarf

Quick, easy and fun to wear. Wow, I've finally finished a project this year!

Wiksten Inspired Scarf


Heather said...

Beautiful! You are so talented...I love my Maw-issa -:)

Lisa said...

Yay! Knitting mojo back!

kat said...

love the colours!
You look great and fashionable :)