24 February 2010

Foreign Correspondent's Scarf

I may as well make something else, since I whipped up the last scarf so quickly. Next up, using up two skeins of pewter Lorna's Laces to make the Foreign Correspondent's Scarf. Easy and pretty project, bring it on!

Gray Wool

I'm finding that I'm more likely to want to knit things that I want to wear these days, as opposed to process items. I'm also toning it down with some of my colors (knitting wise). I'm enjoying gray, cream...cream for God's sake! That's usually not in my color vocabulary, but I'm jonesing to use colors that I generally overlook. There is something magical about colors that edge their way into your heart, rather than forcing themselves on you (cinnabar).


It's not just me though, my color twin, Jen, is also enjoying the neutrals.

Foreign Correspondence Scarf

So far, I'm digging this scarf. Herringbone type patterns are always admired in my eyes, followed closely by the sometimes underestimated but glorious seed stitch.

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Anonymous said...

We're growing up so fast lol. The hexagon blanket is the only thing i have that's still crazy-colored.

Mmmmm I do love some good seed stitch, too. It's always the effort in the end. And that scarf does look mighty fetching.