08 February 2010

The Bread That Went Awry

I made some bread this weekend. Or it was intended to be bread, but something happened. It shall now be known as The Bread That Went Awry.

I've made it before with no problem. But something with the temperature, flour that had in my freezer and not thoroughly warm, the tendency not to try not to add too much flour...it was a bad mixture.

The dough was surprisingly supple, so it was even more shocking when I found myself the new creator of flour dumbells.

No words can really describe it. So I have drawn you some examples of how these loaves failed on so many levels. However, I have to admit that it was throughly enjoyable dropping the loaf on the table so that my mom could hear just how crappy the bread baking had went over the phone. And scaring my friends who stopped by for a beer, by dropping it on the floor, twice.


Bread Fail

Next time, I'll be more patient in my baking. Lesson learned!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The first loaf of bread I ever made by myself (without my mother in the kitchen with me) turned out like this. OH! I had a vision of French toast from bread I baked + ended up with a hockey puck.

kat said...

you are too cute :)
I'm sure those dumbbells will come in handy! Hope you try again!

Jessica Nichols said...

Rope swing, yes!

Nic said...

Was is "a rye" bread? hahaha, I'm so punny! ;)

sulu-design said...

You have downstairs neighbors, don't you? What did they think of your bread dropping exercises?