09 February 2010

One or The Other?

I'm trying to carve out more time after work to draw and paint. Why is it that we feel the urge to get all of the chores done before we can take time for ourselves. I think it's important to be a little selfish, if it's for a good cause, such as yourself.

I played around with my markers to make geometric shaped grids. I thought of it more as a meditative exercise like Jess at
Sweet Eventide's zendalas. It was a fun exercise to get my hands moving again, and not to put any pressure on myself. After all, I hadn't drawn anything in quite awhile, and want to change that.


I'm also taking advantage of having my very own art instructor handy. Mike was helping me draw
ellipses better, and we ended up having an impromptu lesson on shadows and color. I was pretty impressed, he's able to make you understand things that you felt were beyond your grasp. Now I just need to practice my newfound understanding. And practice some more.

Elliptical and Shadow Lesson

I mean, this guy really knows what he's talking about, especially when it comes to drawing from life. The example below is his huge painting in progress out the window of his studio. The notepad shows some of the math that he uses as one of his references when site measuring the view. Who says math and art don't mix? Just thinking of all that work makes me anxious, but he loves doing it. I guess someone who sees a knitted shawl that takes a year may think the same of me, but everyone is different.

Artists + Math Do Mix

Sometimes I wish I was one of those people (like Mike) that had one thing that they were uber passionate about, and wanted to focus on that particular thing. But I don't think that's how I'm built. I love the thrill of a new interest, and learning as much as possible about it. This does mean I can get bored easily, I guess, but I don't think I'm alone in this. We all need challenges to grow and learn, or life gets stagnant. A wise friend said to just go with the flow.

What's your take? Are you all about one thing, or a medley of a few things like myself? For conversation's sake, my current core list of interests is design, art, crafts, and a side of baked goods.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Actually, it took my 10 years to get through college because I wanted to take every art class I could just to experience the different mediums. I painted for years, then lost interest. Printing became my #1 thing + then I really started to enjoy knitting, although I'd like to be better than just scarves + hats, but I love it because it gets my hands moving + it's portable. I wish I could draw better. I love amazing sketch travel journals, I'm sure you have a few of those.

kat said...

You have been so inspiring! I have really been feeling out of whack lately and need some inspiration... so thank you for providing it. I love collage work, so maybe I'll go and try that :) I think you are right to carve out some time to just be creative.

I am quite envious of people like mike. I wish I had that kind of talent.

I've become really adventurous in the kitchen. I am willing to try any recipe. And I love baking. I guess it's because I can include the kids in this.

Jessica Nichols said...

So many things to comment about here. First, thanks for the mention and I love your grids. I like the circles because I don't have enough round objects in my house so it balances me more. Second, this quote: " Why is it that we feel the urge to get all of the chores done before we can take time for ourselves." I was just asking myself this yesterday morning when I got out of bed and instantly started cleaning the house before even thinking of doing something for myself, even though I'm sick, like a sit-down cup of coffee, or even rising slowly? What's up with that? Third, I am a total medley. I feel very scattered because SO MANY things excite me and interest me. :)

sulu-design said...

I'm all over the place, but tend to be all or nothing about whatever random thing I happen to be into at the moment. I always longed to be a person with a singular passion. Maybe that's my singular passion - longing for one! You and your varied interests rock - you're a true Renaissance woman, you know.
Looks to me like your work is paying off in the ellipses department - the Dutch oven you posted the other day had a beautiful lid (and concentric ellipses to boot!). I said Dutch oven.