07 January 2010

Christmas Break Roundup

I baked 2 loaves of Cuban Bread before I left Philly for South Florida to see my family. It was delicioso, and quite easy.


We finished ornaments for ourselves. I decided to make a special set for my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Steve. She and I have a Snuggie joke, and she was smack talking my pink one since she has a leopard print one. They recently took up fly fishing as a joint hobby, and really enjoy it. Thus, the personalized ornaments as a little Christmas present. Cute, no?


I enjoyed the snowstorm in the Northeast before I left. I enjoyed bringing Creme Brulee French Toast to Robin's house for brunch. It was a peaceful and uplifting walk in the snow! I'll post the recipe soon, it's fantastic. You guys will love it.

Mike and I fulfilled my wish of making my second ever snowman...on the roof of our next door apartment. We made snow angels, and heckled my friends below. Good times!

Rooftop Snowman

I spent most of my time with my parents, best friend and godson, and my aunt and cousins. It was a nice change to spend quality time with people I love over the holidays, rather than rushing around trying to fit everyone in. Sometimes, you just can't do everything you want to!

We went to the Miami Metro Zoo, on the last warmish day of the year. Usually, South Florida is warm in winter, but they have a cold spell right now. Seriously, I saw on the news that the Orangutans are using burlap sacks for warmth and drinking hot chocolate! Who knew?

Giraffe Family

We saw a giraffe family, elephants, gorillas, flamingos, alligators...you name it, we saw it. It's a big zoo, and we spent about 6 hours there! How cute is the baby giraffe? It was kind of sad to see some of the animals in the zoo, but there were many that are endangered and their young are living in the wild now. I guess it can be a good thing. Also, the Miami Metro Zoo is open air, so at least they're not caged up too badly, though it's still sad.


We stopped by the Humane Society in Ft. Lauderdale to visit the dogs, since my godson loves them! It was so heartbreakingly cute to watch him squeal,"Doggies!" and kiss them through the fence. I don't think I could love a kid anymore than I love this one!


There was a New Years Eve party. I enjoyed chilling with the folks this year. One of the highlights was playing pool with my dad, and including a sweet four year old in our game. She has a new baby brother, so could definitely use the extra attention! After the first party, it was off to our next door neighbors, for their annual midnight handmade chocolate buffet and practically illegal quantities of fireworks!


There was a short trip for Mom and me to Jacksonville and Melbourne beach, where I got to hang out with our Northern Florida faux-family members and the eight grandchildren whom I adore. I was able to be a star in a fashion show, a "recital", the finale of my "recital" (under orders from an adorably bossy future flower girl), and sign my name on the wall of a secret Girls Club underneath the stairwell of their house!

Girls Club!

I mean, how amazing is this little room? Their mom is the coolest, which is why she was my favorite babysitter of all time! Just don't tell the other sisters!

Alright, looking forward - lets enjoy this year!


Robin said...

I'll attest to the fact that the creme brulee french toast was soooooo yummy. :-)

Sounds like the Miami Zoo is kind of like Lion Country Safari in West Palm. Have you ever been there? I used to love going there as a kid and take a ride on Rosie the elephant.

Nadia said...

Happy New Year to you too! :)

Heather said...

What a great trip to Florida! You are the best daughter, sister, and friend ever! Can't wait to see you next weekend. Love ya, 'BAB.'

Anna said...

Sounds like a great break! I'd love the french toast recipe, and the bread one too... Oh, and Happy New Year!