11 January 2010

Happiness is....

I was tagged by both Ambika and Andrea for meme type things. Like Ambika did, I'll combine them both and try to think of 10 things that make me happy. It would be a nice reminder to myself to get out of my Monday induced less than desirable mood today!

My list will probably border on the materialistic today. What can I say, we're living in a material world, and I'm a material girl....(please read that like Adam Sandler in Wedding Singer).

Happy Making Things

1. The perfect brown boots that I've been eyeing for some time now. They were more than 1/2 off and my mom treated me to them! Thanks, Mom.

2. Much needed new running shoes. They make me want to work out and don't make my feet hurt!

3. Happiness is how texting has gotten me in much more regular contact with my best friend. Our schedules are not in sync for regular phone calls, but texting works great for us. Plus, it lets me receive more photos of my favorite little boy.

4. Sonny! My godson makes me so happy. Just thinking of his laugh or seeing a picture of him brightens my mood instantly. He calls me "Meesa" and my mom "Lola" (grandma in Tagalog). My heart breaks in a good way every time he says, "MeesaLolaMeesaLola" on speaker phone.

5. New music. I'm in love with the song Dead Sound by the Raveonettes. I found it on the Whip It soundtrack, which is rather fun!

6. Working out makes me much happier. If the work day is stressful or aggravating, I can leave my aggressions in the gym, or work it out on the treadmill. I also enjoy just letting my mind wander and think out all the creative things I want to do. Endorphins are good.

7. New to me podcasts from The Skirted Roundtable. These three generous ladies have a wonderful set of podcasts where they interview famous designers and most recently, the Editor-In-Chief of House Beautiful, Stephen Drucker. He was such an intelligent and gracious man, that I'm subscribing to the magazine next paycheck! Oh, and he loves grilled cheese and is best friends with Ina Garten. The grilled cheese was all I needed to know, being friends with Ina was a bonus).

8. My new electric toothbrush. I am working on keeping my gums healthy, my dentist recommended it, and after 3 days, I'm a fullblown convert. I really need to protect my gums since I have a dental implant and don't want to waste the investment in my grill. Thanks again, mom and dad. If you're thinking of getting an electric toothbrush, I recommend the Oral B Sonic Complete S-320. I found one on Amazon for about half of what I've seen in the stores, and yes, it was new and in the plastic impossible to open stuff! (Try using a can opener for the impossible plastic stuff, it totally works!)

9. Citrus fruit! I don't want scurvy, and I find myself craving naranjas or oranges in this weather. I made a blood orange salad the other day, and it was delicious! I'd like to get my hands on some famous Florida Honeybells as well...we shall see.

10. Warmth! Being happy to have indoor heating (not to mention shelter), snuggly down blankets, hot coffee and a boy to hold hands with. Yay for coziness.

How bout y'all? Let's see your list? Tag yo'self before you wreck yo'self. (Excluding Susan. We know how she's scared of the memes! Kidding!).

xo, Mariss

P.S. Work is making me loopy today. Could you tell?!


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That's right, don't be tagging me, yo.

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love your happy list :)