14 July 2009

What's in Your Knitting Bag?

Knitters and crocheters love to talk about what is in their knitting bags. Notions, random tools that they use, favorite stitch markers, you name it. I have always loved looking at the contents of others' bags, be it in photos on Flickr, or at my friends' bags in person. I think it's a combination of seeing what fun tools they have mixed with looking at the inside of someone's purse.

For Regina

I asked my friend Regina (fellow Degenerate Knitter) to be my guinea pig. Happily, she didn't mind. She spilled the contents of her bag, sent me some photos, and I made her this drawing. Isn't it cute? She always has this great tin filled with rainbow colored stitch markers, nifty little odds and ends and buttons with witty phrases. This is the girl who gets stopped each year at Maryland Sheep and Wool because people love her t-shirts reading "Likes to Knit While Slightly Lit".

If you or anyone you know needs a custom illustration to document a special crafty project, or the contents of their knitting or crocheting bag, feel free to email me for pricing and a time frame. During my annual summer knitting hiatus, I still love to draw the related items (wink ).

Email: marissandrew (at) gmail (dot) com

xoxo, Mariss


kat said...

super idea! as a big fan of your work I will keep you mind for the upcoming holiday season!

Lisa said...

hmmmmm, the fruit salad sweater?

krista said...

This could be an awesome knitting series. :D Sort of the way that Franklin Habit's 1000 Knitters photos showcase what knitters look like and knit like, you could show what knitters carry. ;D As ever, I'm a big fan of your work. :D

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

well there's a whole lott-a 1/2 done projects and a mess-a needles that I really need to put in some sort of rolling pouch so I can keep up with them AND (this is key!) a bar of cheap soap because a lot of the yarn is wool and cheap soap is the best way to keep the buggies away from wool.

Regina said...

wow! for someone who hates carrying a purse I do carry a lot in my knitting bag! lol

I think this is a wonderful idea, especially as I've always been a fan of your amazing artwork.

Andrea said...

That is soooooo hot!!!! Love it!!!

Jess said...

This is super cute, I am going to put on my thinking cap for an order the next time I need a gift!