12 July 2009

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Needed

Why does this pair of sunglasses from 1996 outlast any other pair I've purchased in the past thirteen years? They're my new favorites again, since my cheap ones keep killing themselves.

Trusty Shades

Philadelphia has been gorgeous. After the two sunless weeks, we've been treated to bright, cloudless days, and weather that is not too hot. I have yet to hit the beach this year, but I hope to remedy that next weekend.

Picnic and Reading

I've been doing some reading, drawing, biking, walking around town and seeing friends. I'll show you some new drawings soon!

S'Mores for Indoors

I was so sad to not enjoy a Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet for the storming of The Bastille with the Degenerate Knitters, as Hostess Twinkies sponsored the event this year. That was nice of Hostess and all, but as Lisa pointed out, Twinkies just do not have the impact resistance that Krimpets have. The Twinkies exploded and smashed on impact, and were not one bit appetizing. I went home and made a microwave S'mores instead.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Lisa said...

Fun storming the Bastille with you cheri!

Love the pic of the Cira Center; that is my favorite building in Philly now.

Anonymous said...

EWWWW exploding twinkies?!? that's just not right. we're in philly. Tastykakes all the way baby!

Nadia said...

That building is PUH-RETTY!

Jamie Watson said...

You do realize that nowhere else can I read about exploding twinkies.

Excited about seeing your drawings and about your trip to the beach next weekend! Bodysurfing!!!

sulu-design said...

Gorgeous second photo, Miss.
Do you think, as I've been thinking, that S'Mores could be improved upon with a swipe of peanut butter across one of the crackers?