13 May 2009

Silk Kerchief

I'm lucky to attend a weekly knitting circle at Rosie's Yarn Cellar, with a fabulous group of gals right near Square. Sometimes, I get to drool over the newest creation that Kate has whipped up if I get there early enough. To gush for a moment, that girl has got killer style.

Silk Kerchief

In the case of her Silk Kerchief, the instant I saw it, I craved my own. Unlike my usual inclinations, I didn't want to alter it colorwise. I just wanted to recreate a bit of her magic. Those aren't even my colors. Where's the purple? The pink? The horror! But there I was last Wednesday asking Lisa for advice on what skeins of Noro were similar to what Kate had used.

Note I said "similar". Even my "neutrals" shown below have some vibrant variations...


I love that it's a simple pattern that makes sense. The stripes of natural whites and creams with whatever new color is appearing from the variegated skein, create a striking herringbone effect. I would not have thought to do that, which is why I'm glad that this talented lady thought it up for me.


But do you want to know my favorite part of the pattern? The skill level is rated "wicked easy".

What a sassy New Englander.


Nadia said...

Hey! You stole my Noro!

But seriously, I did a double take for a second there. I just spent the last two weeks working with that neutral Noro Silk Garden Sock colourway. It's made of magic, no?

Karen said...

I loved, loved, loved making this kerchief. I too, used the original colors, and want to make another one soon, but must block the finished one before I can allow myself to buy more yarn (yeah, right)!

parallel-botany said...

Mariss, those colors are so pretty. I would really like to be able to knit, you're making me jealous!

Anonymous said...

well, you just made my day.

two hens and chicks for you next week!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours. They are you.

sulu-design said...

What's that? A knitting post that actually moves me to comment?!?
I LOVE the stripes. Love them. I would never have seen them in that ball of yarn - nice choice (even if not your usual).