10 May 2009

I Love My Mom

Happy Mother's Day to a woman so wonderful, my best friend Brooke beat me to sending a card to her. Thank you for being my best friend, for putting up with me through the teenage years, and for being the person I hope to be like one day.

One day I promise to give you a grandchild as cute as you and Tita Jean were.


My brother summed it up at age 10 with this poem he wrote for her on Mother's Day. I'm sure he'd love it if I re-wrote it now:

Roses are red, violets are blue
Sugar is sweet and so are you
You're nice as can be
You make sacrifices just for me.
I love you alot
More than a parking lot
You run a taxi service tight as can be
For Marissa and me.
When I have a baseball game, you try to be ther.
If your car isn't in the parking lot
I know you still love me a lot.

(May 12, 1991)

You are always ready to laugh.


To be there for any of your family members or loved ones.


And you're always so beautiful, inside and out.


Mom, I love you so very much my heart could burst.

P.S. I just watched the Sound of Music and am feeling very sappy and weepy, but it all is true.


andrea said...

so sweet! your brother's poem is the cutest. it's amazing how much you and your mom look alike --the smile is exact -- especially in the last photo!

(the sound of music is one of my all time favs)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have such a great mum, and lucky her to be so appreciated!

Nic said...

Your mom and aunt look like DOLLS in that baby photo, so adorable!! And you do look so much like your mom! Can't wait for those grandbabies you are promising, haha ;)

kat said...

what a sweet post. It's wonderful that you and your mum are so close. Nothing in this world is better than having such a wonderful relationship with your mum.

sulu-design said...

So sweet. So, so sweet. How wonderful is that first photo? And way to promise grandkids on the blog - you're no joke!

Heather said...

That is the sweetest Mother's Day present:). Love you!

Jamie Watson said...

Oh my goodness, I am tearing up right now, what a beautiful post to honor your beautiful mother!