04 March 2009

Dinosaurs and Wrecking Balls

Last November, I waited for two hours in South Philly with hundreds of people to watch them break a giant piñata. This was schemed by a famous cruise line to break a world record. Much to the disappointment of the masses surrounding this five-story beast, it was never busted. They had a fake paper maché wrecking ball and everything. I saw a man lift said wrecking ball with his own two hands. Not even Andre the Giant could have done that!

Giant Piñata

After leaving and having only a donut to console me, I gave up on ever seeing a real live demolition. It's not a life goal or anything (that's saved for riding on top of an elevator at work a la Bruce Willis in Die Hard for the next inspection), but it would be fun to watch!

Well imagine my glee this morning when they just happened to be demolishing a building on my way to work and I got to watch a real, non-paper maché wrecking ball bust out some columns. I sat and watched for three strikes, and then laughed at another machine that was busily chomping off the roof. The angle, the bright yellow of the machine, the chomping teeth and pure silliness, it looked like an apatosaurus eating breakfast, if they dined on concrete and gypsum. I broke into a huge smile, because this is something my brother would have gotten such a kick out of.

Demolition Derby

I had to sketch it to remember this moment. Some things are too good to pass up, and what a way to start your morning.


Nadia said...

When the machines were eating the Main library at school from the inside out, it scared the crap out of me!

Robin said...

Have you seen that commerical for the cruise line? I remember that pinata on the corner of Broad and Washington.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

WOW! excitement on my walk to work consists of finding a bottle I can recycle- your walk is far more entertaining!

After watching "Wanted" (don't you judge me!) I would like to curve a bullet, but no one will let me try it out on them.

Lisa said...

What has cracked me up about the demo of that building was the wild blue that the whole inside seemed to be painted...so unexpected. Happy you had your demolition moment! I wish my 3:00 am South Street Bridge demo moment would be over!

Anonymous said...

Nice sketch! Have you seen the Sony Bravia advert? It's stunning!


Jamie Watson said...

This is the best thing I've read all week! Thank you! "Only a donut to console me". Oh, you make me laugh!

Laura said...

uhm, make that on top of an elevator WITH Bruce Willis and our fantasies are identical. haha!

sulu-design said...

I hope you had TWO donuts to celebrate this sight!

Muffin said...

Both me and my husband tried to figure out what that commercial was even about. I thought they broke the piñata, at least that's what it looked like on TV?

Love your stuff. Love your thoughts, thanks for sharing.

I'm in Holly's class too!