02 March 2009

One more...

One more. I can't get enough of these hats.

In progress

This one is off to a friend's mom in Atlanta.


Turqoise stretchy cotton (Rowan Calmer) for a sassy lady.

Side View

I cinched the top because it was just looking like something made for a Conehead.

Pi Cap for Pia

Hope you're all staying warm on this chilly Monday! (here at least)


Lisa said...

knitting all that love and comfort...I know the hats are going to be cherished!

Wendy said...

Good choice with the Calmer!

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

love that colour!
Just beautiful. You are so nice to be knitting such goodness for everyone :)

Anonymous said...

the Calmer is a really good yarn to make hats from. i'm sure that the recipients will lovvvvve it!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I hope to just be able to knit one, let alone one more.

Thanks again for the drawing, I showed it to a co-worker (with a Ph.D in psychology) and she thinks you are super crazy! Crazy in the best possible way!

Nadia said...

Very cute! I have that same yarn for a hat.

sulu-design said...

Okay, power of suggestion... I may end up making this pattern and saving it for handmade holiday 2009. You're so stinkin' cute in it!