27 October 2008

Sunset Colored Yarn

You all know how I am about color, right? The brighter, the bolder and let's face it--the gaudier, the better to me. Well, I have a knitting buddy who is practically my twin when it comes to patterns and our taste in color. If you can believe it, even I don't always approve of her color choices! That is saying alot!

Either way, she designed a gorgeous new scarf pattern called Dahlia. I immediately rushed over to Rosie's and snagged a skein of this sunset colored Ella Rae yarn to cast-on for my own. You can find it here. I'm so proud of you, Jennifer!

Ella Rae Yarn

This scarf is perfect for that skein of variegated yarn that doesn't look good in anything else. Her pattern really breaks up any unwanted pooling of color.

Ella Rae Yarn

I just love these colors. I wonder if it's because it's the color of the waning light of fall, or because it matches the latest seasonal flavors of gelato at Capogiro?


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