03 September 2008

Things That Are Pink

For a self proclaimed tomboy, I sure have a lot of pink things. I drew this after realizing that I have a growing collection of hot pink belongings.

10. Pink Things Inadvertantly Collected

One day after knitting circle, a group of us were gathered outside of Rosie's Yarn Cellar. A woman walked past and exclaimed, "Oh, I wish I could knit, but I'm just not that domestic or girly." I understood what she meant, but it was also in a slightly condescending manner.

One by one, my friends chimed in with other 'non-girly' things that we do. Belt sanding, running marathons, camping, biking, archeological digs, horror conventions, etc.

I replied, "I have also done some roofing!" (Of course I was probably wearing my hot pink Puma shorts and a camoflauge bandana...)


Anonymous said...

ahahah this reminds me..we might be a sewing team but wendy has a belt sander and miter saw. She made all the baseboards for my mom's re-do on her kitchen. Altho none of us have anything pink.

i often hear the same thing cause of the sewing thing. I just follow it with..we just sew rectangles and anyone can sew a rectangle!

Lisa said...

The pink aviators are busted?!? Say it ain't so!

Missed you tonight...boo hoo.

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

love your illustration. {so did my daughter davis, it's her favorite colour} She loves to wear her pink clothes while she's playing trains or other "boy" stuff with her brother ;)

Nic said...

I thought I remembered seeing a roofing pic on your flckr:


I can't quite tell if that is a camo tank top or if it's just the shadows :)

meg said...

hahah. you might take the cake with the roofing stuff. also, I tagged you for the happiness meme on ye olde blog.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Male friends of mine are impressed by the amount of Guinness I can toss back.

I have to say that I cringed when I saw this pink tool set in a pink box- advertised as a basic set for girls. Someone bought one as a joke gift for a friend of mine who could probably out-do Bob Villa in the tool dept. She gave it to another friend who did not have a single hammer nor screwdriver.

My purse in pink.