07 September 2008

The Golden Goddess

I would have told you sooner about my gorgeous new bike, but I went home to Florida to see my very missed parents, friends and most importantly, my 8 month old nephew with the sweetest face, best personality and chunky legs with so many rolls, they could compete with a bakery delivery truck. (The last part of that run on sentence should have been read in a squealing voice. I can't help it, and don't ask me to!)

I had given up on affording a new bike or finding a used bike that was not stolen by a person who might cut off my head and use it as a hat. When all hope was lost, my friend Tim (bike pusher and enthusiast) started looking on eBay and Craigslist for me. He not only found good options for me, but went with me to check it out.

So here she is, my sweet bright yellow, not stolen bike. She's totally sporty and kind of flashy, but with a few minor scars here and there...just like her owner. She needs a catchy name though, I'm mulling some over in my head. What do you think?

My new bike!

I was hesitant to get a road bike as I wanted to be able to mount a rack and use my
grocery pannier. Thankfully, I found a way to mount it, and my heels don't even clip it while riding.

Grocery Pannier

That was extremely lucky. Otherwise, how would I have been able to carry all of this booty from the farmer's market this morning? I'm serious people, that bag is amazing. It is truly liberating to carry things on your bike rather than on your back.

Farmers Market (Booty)

And the tomatoes?! How is it even possible that I just started liking tomatoes a few years ago. What was wrong with me?

Heirloom Tomatoes

I know, I know. I am totally a blogger now. My non-bloggy friends make fun of me for taking pictures of random things. But just look at these tomatoes!


Why wasn't my lazy butt going to the farmer's market the rest of the summer? (Insert disapproving sound and shake of the head).


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Congratulations on the new bike! I was hoping there was an official Goddess of Transportation who's name I could suggest to you but nope. Lol. And those tomatoes are gorgeous! Love the colors!

Laura said...

Hey, Goddess sounds good.

I know, I was on the bus this afternoon (on my way home from the yarn shop) and I passed the one farmer's market in town that doesn't close at 10:00 in the morning. I'm kicking myself for not going today or at all this year.

kat | Taylor Made designs said...

that is one fierce bike~
enjoy it.

oh, your tomatoes look very very yummy.

Lisa said...

Digging the new wheels! And I am so happy you had a squeal worthy time in FL :)

Nic said...

Any pictures of Sonny?!

Those tomatoes look sooooo tasty!!! I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Those tomatoes are amazing! I thought I was looking at a bowl of jelly beans at first!

andrea said...

ohhhhh! I love it I love it I love it! Yellow is such a great color!

Kate said...

Betty. Betty t. Bike.

Robin said...

The bike looks great! We'll have to go for a ride. We'll work you up to Valley Forge or something?

Anonymous said...

sweet bike! those do NOT look like tomatoes. i do agree that i thought i was looking at candy. i then thought that they might be some cool grapes. wait, aren't grapes & tomoatoes really close? shows you how much i need to get to the farmers' market.

Vanessa said...

That bike is totally you. I love the FM booty- I have been going since getting home, and wish I had been here to go all summer. Gorgeous shot of the tomatoes.

Carrie said...

Why is it that so many of those delicious looking tomatoes are grown in Florida...yet we have no farmer's markets down here? :(

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

This is TOTALLY my kind of post- bike, tomatoes, farmers' market, rear bike bag (#1 on my list of items to buy). Um, can't think of a name right now. The only thing that comes to mind is the DVD box for the movie "Little Miss Sunshine," but your bike does not break down every 100 miles.

Enjoy (like I need to tell you that!?!)