05 June 2008

Excessive Embellishment

Remember those Koigu mill ends that I purchased last month?

To be a Charlotte's Web Shawl

They're waiting patiently to become a
Charlotte's Web Shawl. This is my Make, Bake or Buy item for today. I cannot wait to start it, but I'm being good and waiting to wrap up other projects first. (Whom have I become?!)

4. Charlotte's Web Shawl

Whenever this shawl is discussed, the conversation always leads to the fringe factor.

"Mariss, you're not going to add the fringe, are you?"

"Um, have I ever turned away from excessive embellishment that nobody else likes?"

Don't tell anyone, but I even thought of adding beads to the fringe too. Egads! I think that may be too much, even for me. But we'll see...



Anonymous said...

GO FOR IT! You've never been a shrinking violet so don't start now. I can't wait to see Charlotte in all her dazzling glory!


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

you are so creative!
I love your drawing, just too sweet.
I don't think it's over the top. I'm sure it will look fabulous!

Lisa said...

Can you work in bobbles too?

susan said...

two words. puka shells.

EmilyG said...

I like the fringe on Charlotte's Web. :)