26 May 2008

Weekend Update

Thanks for everyone's input into my haircut wishy-washiness. Ultimately, my hairdresser Kate, told me that I should keep my hair a little bit long for now, and also give my mother a grandson very soon. (It must be the Asian culture...) I wasn't ready to hack it off yet anyhow, (or, um, have a child).

I like it. She put in a lot of layers, and it feels a lot lighter and choppy.


One of my best friends, KJ visited me from Brooklyn. She was my personal chef this weekend, and cooked fish tacos with a mango salsa while I sipped on vanilla mojitos and watched. I then dragged this poor girl to a wedding ceremony (knitting friend) and to Rittenhouse Square where we met more (knitting) friends! She enjoyed herself, and we made sure to get gelato afterwards.


I worked a bit on my City Shawl using the Tilli Tomas yarn. I don't have enough yardage (270 instead of 300 yards), so was knitting with smaller needles (size 13). I may rip it out and try again on larger needles (size 15 or 17) and do more lace and less of the garter rows. It's such a quick knit, and gorgeous yarn, that I don't mind working with it a bit more before it's completed.

City Shawl Tilli Tomas

Oh yeah, I also visited my "little" cousin, Bobby, who graduated from college last weekend in Fairfield, Connecticut. He lives in a house with nine guys on the Long Island Sound. Here we are standing in front of the keg on the deck / driving range where they hit balls into the water and collect them during low tide. Nice view, eh?


We ended our long weekend with an impromptu barbeque last night (the best kind). My new motto is, "I don't need to buy a house, since we have great friends who have backyards in South Philly!"

Hope you all had a great weekend too.


sulu-design said...

LOVE the new 'do! Layers. Gotta get me some layers.
And I'm right there with you on the whole house thing. I think I'll happily stay in an apartment and let my friends who have yards throw the outdoor parties. I'll promise to bring great side dishes...

Miss Grace said...

I like the cut. I desperately need one myself.

Lisa said...

Oooooh the Tilli is yummy, now I wish that I had scored some for myself :(

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

your hair looks fab! So shiny too :)
Sounds like such a good time this past weekend.

tracy said...

Love the hair!
Love the personal chef/best friend!
Love the shawl!
Love the cousin!
Love it all!

Talk to you soon!

jayjay said...

you look like your mom with your new hairstyle...haha! i remember seeing the old photos of your mom (i think those were high school photos) and she looks like you do.