20 May 2008

Make, Bake or Buy

I want to get back into the practice of drawing daily, or at least on a more regular basis. My goal is to draw to keep the ideas flowing, to try new techniques, to record ideas and have fun.

I'm creating my own project which I'm going to call, "Make, Bake or Buy". It's basically my wish list and materialistic playpen. What is that? I can't find a discounted plush velvet, chartreuse tufted sofa in mint condition that will fit through my apartment door? I'll just draw it up, and feel that it is mine. Overloading on carrot cake is going to make me diabetic? Maybe I'll draw the cake instead, and just eat the slice. The Kitchen Aid Mixer with flames that I just don't need...yup, you got it.

That way, I get to draw fun things, have lots of options, but with a bit of structure. Isn't it strange how overwhelming complete freedom of guidelines can be? Or is that just me?

I'm going to keep the goals loose, and aim for 2 drawings per week. I may not even write a blurb, but include my ideas in the drawing. (Like I could be mute, please.) Drawings will take anywhere from 5 minutes and posted using a scanner on my lunch break, to more extensive periods of time.

Here is my first one. Ideas for what to knit with my new Tilli Tomas yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool.

1. Yarn Usage

I always disliked triangular shawls, but love my friend Magda, who wears them in the most glamorous ways possible. So after being enthralled by my friend, I'm inspired to knit my own. Lisa and I were imitating her and trying to do it. The uber-charismatic, Magda, can throw a shawl in the air like a pizza, catch it on her neck and it looks so stylish.

I'm also getting a much needed haircut this afternoon. Any suggestions? Hack it off? Keep it long? My appointment is at 5:30PM, so let me know pronto!


Laura said...

Oh, I think I'm too late to weigh in on the haircut. But whatever you choose will be so fierce! I am ready to cut mine off, about 4" long, for summer.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

LOVE the drawing idea...LOVE the sketches (+ the ice cream!)...HACK IT OFF! I cut off about 14 inches last Jan + have been SOOOOO happy. But that's just my experience.

Anonymous said...

ooh i'm in the same camp i dislie triangular shawls..
or well i feel like i'd feel silly trying to wear something so pretty..i'd look so clutzy.

i need to see this friend and how she looks so glamourous..cue fergie

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

curious on what you ended up doing with your hair :) I'm growing my out to a chin length bob. which I am liking.

Great idea with your drawing~ can't wait to see what you do each day/week.

EmilyG said...

Yes, Magda does have a way with those, doesn't she! Always goregous. You can too!

Nic said...

I am making a triangle "shawlette" right now with an eyelet lace pattern and adding beads as I go! I am in love with it so far, this is my first time working with lace weight yarn :)

Knit - R - Done said...

This is a little off topic, but your handwriting is so beautiful that it should be a font. Pretty.

Heidijayhawk said...

such an amazing idea!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Thanks for the compliments, who knew! How's the hair? i would have voted HACK!

And who's unber charismatic, Ms. Talentosa?!

Love ya,

sulu-design said...

I adore your project idea and can't wait to see your obsessions in drawn form here! And will you pretty please post a photo (or a drawing!) of the haircut? I'm in dire need of one and could use a little inspiration.

meg said...

I'm too late for a hair cut comment, but I have to say I love the way your friend Magda wears those triangle scarves. I used to think they were corny and a little Miss Havisham looking, but I think you and she have me converted.

jayjay said...

hahaha! i didn't realize you liked ube ice cream :) would love to bring one for you but it will be melted by the time it gets there...haha!