09 May 2008

Piddleloop Love

A few gals in my knitting circle are obsessed with Piddleloop Bags. I mean people are out-of-control about these bags, and not just in Philly. We'll laugh at the Piddleloop bags lined up wherever we go. Orphaned babies finding each other in the world and all that.

Jen works on the bags (with her sister) part-time, and they have gained quite a following. My friends have tried to order the bags, but they go so fast they practically get snatched out of your cart. Her waiting list and group of fans is growing rapidly.

As I've mentioned
before, Jen is the nicest girl imaginable. So when she mentioned that she missed her favorite Philly foods, Sherry and I knew we had to create a little care package. We collected Tastykakes treats, Herr's chips, and other crafty items. Sadly, no cheesesteaks or soft pretzels would work into this scheme!

Sherry sells fabulous knitting related items in her
shop, and included a "moth guard" sachet, sock yarn and double pointed needle holders with basset hound beads.

I went the paper route, sending stationery and a pen and ink and watercolor drawing for Jen of their bags. I love seeing items lined up in a row, or a grid. This drawing was no exception. I had so much fun drawing the little patterns.


Jen loved her package, and we felt great about sending some goodness back her way.

In the drawing is my version of Sherry's
actual Piddleloop bag below. The fabric is designed by Heather Ross, who is my favorite fabric designer.


Below is my own piddleloop bag, which has the Alexander Henry calavera print on it. It's very sketchy, but looks much better smaller.


I'm so glad that Jen finally got her package so I can reveal the cute drawing.

On a more serious note, prayers and thoughts and donations and much needed relief to our friends suffering in Myanmar.


Robin said...

Those notecards are awesome! I'm sure Jen was in love w/ them. You really nailed them and at such a miniature scale.

I would be one of those crazy piddleloop addicts w/ 2 project bags, 3 piddlies, 2 4x6 pouches, and on the lookout for more. :-)

Lisa said...

Some day, I too will have a Piddleloop. Maybe I should chant it like a mantra?

The drawing is too damn cute, just like Jen's bags.

Anonymous said...

i already have issues with bags so i'm gonna stay away for a bit. love the artwork! i'm glad she liked the package. sometimes you just need some jelly krimpets.

sulu-design said...

Okay, the cuteness of the cards you've been making is getting REE-diculous. I freakin' love this one.

Mindy said...

Beautiful drawing, as usual. You're the most talented illustrator I've ever seen. On a Piddleloop note, I'm still stuck with only ziplockloop bags. Someday I'll be quick enough on the draw to get one online.

meg said...

Love the drawings- especially the handles on the bags, they look so animated.
It was really nice to meet you on weds! I'm sorry I didn't make it to rittenhouse sq this weekend, but next time I will!

Nic said...

When you mentioned Sherry's shop items, I totally thought you wrote "mouth guard" sachet! I imagined some kind of craft made out of a dental mouth guard! And I even clicked on the link looking for this and was confused when I saw a drawstring bag of potpourri! It took me a little to long to realize what was going on (like when I read the whole description on etsy and at the end it says "they even have little silver moths printed on them."

Courtney Kelley said...

I love the piddaloop illustration! You are so talented- I am jealous.