30 March 2008

Bloomington and Back

Mike and I returned from Indiana on the tail end of Monday night. Sheer exhaustion, unexpected skee ball playing, reigning supreme at Quizzo, bowling and the flu have kept me away for longer than anticipated.

Although the ride is a good ten to twelve hours, I enjoy taking road trips with Mike. As long as I don't nearly start crying from having to pee so badly, get one Cinnabon fix, and my knit on, we're great road trip companions. Maybe some Guns N Roses too...

Marissa Mike

I didn't get too much knitting done on the trip, as we drove through the night. There was also lots of preparation for Becky and Jeremy's wedding (Mike's sister and brother-in-law).

There were Easter baskets to fill, favors to decorate, and the orchestration of hanging lanterns. Susan created gorgeous arrangements of flowers. We frosted cupcakes and put them on a lovely stand they created. We were rather surprised with how professional they looked, but played it off pretty well.

Lanterns Becky's Wedding

We had so much fun that we didn't take very many pictures! That's the way it should be though, right? I took pictures in my head. Mike and I are attending another wedding in April, and will be wearing the same outfits, so I'll take a photo then! (wink)

I did get to pull out my favorite party bag, which was a gift from Tracy. It is a beaded, swooshy satchel that re-creates the feeling you get as a five year old spinning around in a twirly skirt. (Hello, my name is Marissa and I have a problem with run on sentences).


We visited the art supply store where Mike and I used to work. Sadly, I didn't get to see any of my friends who still work there. However, I did finally score a coveted stainless steel tear bar for cutting paper.

Outside Pygmalions

A new owner bought the store, but not everything has changed. I was happy to spot some of Mike's old handmade signs, and they have store cats again!

One of Mike's Old Signs

The week flew by, and we were heading East and entering Ohio in no time. I snapped a shot of
King's Island, which is the site of Mike and Marissa's first date. Awwww.

Kings Island

Night fell, and the two of us, some semi trucks and the moon, returned to Philly.

Yellow Moon on PA Turnpike


Simply Mindy said...

Beautiful pictures! We're glad you're feeling better too. We missed you something awful. Now, as for the tear bar, I would cry too if I was hit with that!

Anonymous said...

i lived in bloomington for 7 years which art store was it?

i kind of miss b-ton but am glad i haven't been in the vacuum that sucks people back there and they never leave. But that drive in southern indiana is boooooooooooooooooring.
Nat and i did a drive from chicago to philly years ago for a wedding and it was fun but 13 hours in a car kind of sucked.

Nic said...

Those cupcakes look AWESOME! That is seriously the best looking cupcake cake (with stand and arrangement) I've seen! Not that I've seen many, but compared to pictures in magazines or whatever.

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

such nice photos accompanied by great words. Sounds like such a good time.
The cuppie cakes look super! I love a good road trip :)

Lisa said...

cool swishy purse!!

I love the cupcake idea over a traditional cake. They turned out so purty.

sulu-design said...

Awesome tower of cupcakes. And that shot of your party bag is fun. Sounds like a great trip, but I'm glad you're back!
So, which G'N'R album does it for you? I'll admit, I've seen them live, and love 'em.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the jungle, or back to the jungle anyways.

mike looks good from the side. nice profile! i'm gonna steal your glasses. oh, and i'm seaming up tyro now so button-picking will happen sometime this week and i cast on for the back of demi, but that's all i did. seriously it's only the cast-on row lol. now i'm the queen of run-ons.