15 November 2007

Polish Pottery and Dream Studios

After our lovely weekend at Lisa's mom's house, I wanted to make a thank you card for Jeannie.

Cream and Sugar

She has the prettiest collection of hand formed and decorated Polish Pottery in a variety of patterns. She also had the teeniest crystal salt cellars passed down from Lisa's great-grandmother. I loved the little spoons.

Polish Pottery Card

Steady progress is being made on my Drops Jacket 103-1. The back and 3/4 of the front is completed. Isn't the moss stitch lovely?

Drops Jacket in Progress

I've been thinking of my dream studio lately. Working in facilities, I miss the more creative part of interior design. So tonight, I went back to my roots and did a quick conceptual sketch of one version of a dream studio. I forgot how much fun it is to create a space with no rules...or budget (wink).

Sketch for Dream Studio I

Old school roller skates were included for extra efficiency, and to glide on the imaginary ebony stained herringbone wood floors...dream on!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

There is an image that has stuck with me for many many years...in the Freanch movie "Diva" there is a big loft space with a girl roller skating around + I always dreamed of a space big enough to skate in. I would sketch my perfect studio with this in mind.

Lisa said...

Mummy is going to flip over that card. It's so gorgeous!

I like the idea of roller skating around...if I could stay on my feet.