04 August 2007

Yellow Icarus Wings

I added two sets of these cards to my etsy shop today here. I will be adding new cards soon, sold individually...

Yellow Wings

I have to get going now, two of our friends are coming over for dinner tonight. Mike is going to make enchiladas, so I'm going to attempt to make churros and a chocolate dipping sauce. (Or churros y chocolate, which was the name of my old Spanish book!).

Oh, and mojitos of course. I just made a simple syrup, and added a splash of vanilla extract. It made my kitchen smell delicious.

Enjoy your weekends!


sulu-design said...

Oh, oh, oh! I love that you've got your etsy shop up and running, and those cards are a fabulous first item! All your dinner talk has my mouth watering, too. Mojitos and I are good friends. And churros and chocolate is one of my favorite desserts. Enjoy it all!

laissezfaire said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and flickr page. Cool prints with the gocco. It's soo addictive!

ambika said...

The cards are beautiful! Love the yellow.