30 April 2007

Knitting Superstitions

So...close...that it actually looks like a sweater!


Olivia (still blogless) and I are almost done with our sweaters. We just have to seam them together.

In fact, if we had worked on our sweaters instead of driving to Target to purchase a grill and have an impromptu barbeque last night...we may have been done already.

But those burgers, potato salad and chocolate chip cookies were worth it! Plus, I need to keep my energy levels up for all that seaming.

On a different note, do any of you believe in
knitting superstitions?

I recently wanted to start a sweater for a friend's baby that is almost born. My friend is Jewish, and in her culture, it is bad luck to buy anything for a baby's room before the baby is born. My mom told me I should wait too, before starting.

However, I have heard contradictory stories that a baby cannot be born until a sweater is finished. And I'm not too superstitious, especially after looking at that list of superstitions. Oy vey. What is a girl to do?

What if I start knitting and put extra well wishes into each stitch? Or can I just start knitting a sweater but for no baby in mind?

I love babies, and would not want to unintentionally hurt one, or make a future parent feel I impacted their baby's health in a negative manner. In the meantime, I'll tell my friends to let me know when I can start making stuff, until then, I'm going to wait.

I would love your input, as I'm quite curious for the poll results.


EmilyG said...

I say Hogwash to the list of knitting superstitions, but if your friend believes in one of them, I'd respect that and do what she wants.

Nicole said...

Marissa! I am having a baby in October, and if you ever want to knit or make ANYTHING for him/her, it would be fantastic.

Funny thing...I have actually STOPPED knitting since I've gotten prego. It's sad, I know. Maybe because I felt tired and sick during my first trimester, or maybe because I am working and going to school (but that has been true for 3 years now). I'm hoping my knitting bug will come back, but in the mean time, I like seeing/reading what you are up to.

All that said, I won't be making it to the PHS reunion in Sept :( I hope you have a blast though!

Lisa said...

I cannot capitulate to baby knitting superstitions...I have too much koigu on needles at the moment! Oh, and one of my Jewish gal pals knits prebirth, so I take that as permission. I just wouldn't give the sweater prebirth.

Spacecake said...

I love knitting! Not that I can really knit anything else than a scarf but that doesn't really matter. Haven't done that in a long while though.

That being said, I agree with emilyg. :)