27 April 2007


I've always been a letter writer. Or "working on my correspondence" as my friend Trathen and I preferred to say. There's nothing better than jotting down a thought or letter that has been in your head, or saying things that you would be embarrassed to say in person.

I myself love receiving letters from friends or family, and have saved just about every single one. My friend, Clara still writes me letters on a regular basis, which makes receiving all my bills a bit less stressful.


Before I ever quilted, I fell in love with
this address book by Denyse Schmidt, quilter, artist extraordinaire, who was unbeknownst to me at the time.

I was really interested in the quilts that were modern and graphic. To me, she broke the standard rules of what a quilt should look like or be about. It could be whatever you wanted. You could create a graphic piece of art in a quilted form. I don't know if I would have had the desire to quilt had it not be for Ms. Schmidt.

*Keep in mind that at the time, I didn't realize how many types of quilts are out there, and the history of that lovely craft!

Address Book

Design Sponge had a great post on Tuesday about Denyse's home. It's linked here if you want to check it out. It makes me want to buy a house, a letterpress and restore furniture...someday.

I'll have lot of knitting progress to show you all soon! Enjoy your Friday!


Sherry W said...

I like letters too, but my script is hardly readable! Nice that people still write letters though!


sulu-design said...

Yes, yes, yes about wanting the house, the letterpress, and the refinishing knack! So many great potential hobbies... so little time.