26 November 2006

Sock Photo Shoot

In the past I have been critical of some pictures that people have taken of their hand-knitted socks being modeled on their own feet.


Kindly, let me apologize.

Taking pictures of your own feet is hard! This is the best I could get. Perhaps with better stretching techniques and some hot yoga I could have improved. Mike saw me struggling, but my pride was too much that night to ask for help with this particular photo shoot.


A close-up of some
Koigu goodness. I love that it kind of looks like counted cross stitch.

The further along this sock comes, the more aware I am of my upcoming aversion to creating the second sock.

While we're discussing Koigu, can I mention my disappointment in their website? For such great products, they really should hire a web designer or something. Or perhaps their products speak for themselves... I do know that I love their yarn, but wanted to leave their site as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Maris: Reg here, don't worry; being a fan of sock from the toe up especially both at the same time, take pride in your work... I think their
beautiful... so beaaaaa...uuu...tii...full! Remember... the best way is to knit both at the same time.. if you're impatiant... a bit of wine or cider helps! Knit On with Luv! Regina

Lisa said...

Look at Regina, encourageing you to be a boozy knitter! The sock is smashing. Will you be bringing it to knitting tomorrow?