31 December 2010

Saying Goodbye to 2010

Surely it's a sign of getting older, but this year seemed to go by more quickly than ever. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things that happened in 2010 before it passes tonight.

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I got married to a person who loves me exactly as I am, silliness and quirkiness and sometimes crabbiness (when tired). And vice versa.

I worked out pretty consistently for about 3/4 entire year, and feel much more healthy and energized. Started running with "The Wolfpack" on Saturday mornings.

Read my first 2 Jane Austen books and really enjoyed them!

Baked a little under my goal of one loaf of bread per month (unless you count the individual small loaves, which I will!).

Went to Art Baselin Miami with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin.

Was showered with love and generosity from so many members of my family and faux-family this year.

Started oil painting! Love it.

Did a bunch of color studies which got me to start noticing my surroundings in new ways.

Helped my Tita and Tito design out the layout for their kitchen renovation! Loved doing this too. I want to do more stuff like this.

Lost my knitting mojo for the summer, and found it again in the fall.

Went on my first cruise, and did not get seasick (knock on wood).

Enjoyed 3 road trips!

Attended my little cousin's hockey game. Attended my first IU basketball game.

Played water polo in one last practice / scrimmage and realized that I didn't want to invest the time, but truly enjoyed the experience.

Treated ourselves to a new MacBook Pro!

Found some new music to pique my interest again. Ryan Bingham, the Crazy Heart Soundtrack, The National, and Jens Lekman.

Got to watch friends' babies be born, get bigger and give me my baby fix.

Experienced 5 years of my brother being gone but not forgotten.

Met one of our financial goals to save money.

Bought a pair of knee high brown boots I love.

And worked towards my own personal happiness.

Happy New Year, friends!

xoxo, Mariss


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Lots of good stuff!
Happy New Year!

Mindy said...

Happy New Year, Mariss! It sounds like you had a pretty good year. I'm wishing you another, even better year in 2011! I hope to see you this year, too.

fayettebelle said...

What a lovely blog/journal!
Hoping to keep up with your adventures!