22 November 2010

Never Knitting @#$% Socks - Socks

The last pair of socks I knitted took me a year. Not because they were hard, but because I felt that they were sucking the life out of me for sheer boredom. I even wrote extensive notes to myself on my Ravelry page lest I make the poor decision to think I'd like knitting socks again. You can see me get more insane and melodramatic as the time passes.

See below:

9/2008: I was inspired to finally make these socks for Mike with this yarn after he called to tell me he had “extra time” before work and had removed a large bolt from my truck tire and changed the tire for me. What a keeper.

10/2008: The pattern is pretty, quite easy, but this yarn is just not my favorite color. Girls, I ain’t subtle when it comes to color. But I do love that boy, so he’ll get some socks and love the color.

10/27/2008: SOCKS = B-O-R-I-N-G

1/22/2009: So boring I can’t even have it listed as a WIP (work in progress).

2/2/2009: Goal for 2009, finish these %&#^#$^$ socks!!!! for the LOVE of GOD!!

2/7/09: I’m giving these f#$%ers another chance. Maybe they’re not so bad.

2/18: I told Mike that his socks were finally almost done. I said, “Are you even excited about these stupid socks?” He surprised me and said, “Yes! I can’t wait to put them on my feet!” That’s making me work a bit quicker to finish. Awww.

2/26: DOOOOOOONE!!! I am so excited, you don’t even understand. We’re calling these the betrothal socks. Mike bought me a gorgeous ring, and I put love and lots of cursing into these #$%#$% socks. He loves them, put them on right away. Well, I’ll admit, I joked around, went down on one knee, and asked him to marry me with the socks and put them on his feet. We cracked up, since we’re nerds.

So after all that, and proclaiming to a woman at knitting circle, "I'll NEVER knit socks again!" I turned around, felt the squishiest pretty socks, while still trying, "Socks are NOT for ME! I hate them, ugh....OOOOH! Pretty socks!"

Bought. Paid. Cast on. And totally enjoying.

Socks for Me

The secret is bigger needles for this pain in the @#$#!


andrea said...

hah i totally saw that yarn and wanted it too! glad you got it.

Nic said...

hey, how do you do the heel like that? I feel like the way I learned heels looks different than that. Is it a free pattern?! Also, it probably helps that that self striping/faux faire isle yarn is just stockinette in the round. Piece o' cake!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

one lady in my knitting group can knit the $#!t out of some sock so everyone was gung-ho to learn (not me because you don't go from scarves to socks). ANYWAY: at the 2nd gathering one woman literally had a break down and me (who works in a mental health agency and has gleaned a few things over the years) + a psychiatric nurse in the group had to talk her off a ledge. I took the needle and yarn out of her hand and asked her permission to put it on the ball winder and release her from the project.

Then we had to put her in a straight jacket + carted her off to the nearest mental hospital, where she remains to this day...

Andrea said...

Love that colorway. Can't wait to see them in person.

Estela said...

OH mY gosh! I feel your pain!
I started a pair earlier this year, the pattern didn't look hard...I think I took them apart and started about 10 times. Novice knitter and all...but I looked at the pattern and said, really? how hard can it be? I have yet to finish the first one of the pair I think I finally got about 4 inches. I had decided I'm not a knitter either. BUT I think you have inspired me! I bought a yarn that kind of looks like yours at Hobby Lobby and the free pattern flyer. Maybe at the beginning of next year I'll give them another try. My daughter got a hold of them the other day and unravelled a couple of rows, took the needles out and I didn't even flinch. I think they were on the floor for a couple of days. My hubby picked up the needles so no one would get hurt. I think I was secretly hoping it would get distroyed...haha!

sulu-design said...

I will never knit an f-ing sock. You are a better woman than I, I can tell you that. You are also a bit out of your mind for documenting the torture of the first pair and then diving into a second. But that's one of the many reasons I like you.

Mindy said...

I love this post! Probably one of my favorites. I feel the same way about socks. It's shocking to me how many knitters love knitting socks - some knit socks exclusively. I think there's a word for those people - PATIENT! I envy them, but I can never be one - especially with my inability to ever follow a pattern in its entirety. I love you, you crazy banana. ;-) Great costume, by the way!