12 November 2010

Chop Chop and a Falcon

October was eaten up by two trips to Indiana on consecutive weekends for yours truly. Mike stayed for the week, so I did a round trip road trip, with a round trip flight from Indy to Philly sandwiched in between. It was wonderful because I also got to spend time with one of my best friends Tracy, and have brunch with some very special people.

We had two weddings to attend, our niece's and Mike's best friend's wedding.

Right before the trips, I made a spontaneous decision to chop off 10 inches of my hair. It was only going to be a few inches, but I figured, who knows when it will be this long again, and wanted to donate it. Not completely selfishly, mind you. I did want to donate, but I also wanted to have an excuse for myself when I missed my long hair that said, "Get over yourself, Merce, you gave your hair to some kid in need. Quit whining!"

So yeah. I'm happy, and actually, it gave me some much needed polish for work. I was feeling blah hair wise. Oddly, my short hair is harder to care for, since it sticks up in the morning. Ha.


As I said, Mike's BFF had a wedding in Indiana. Well, it was Halloween themed! And it had a taco bar! And tombstone shaped cakes that Mike helped make! We dressed up nice and wedding-like beforehand, especially since Mike was in Sheila's wedding party. Aw, how cute.


Then, yours truly ended up in a parking lot with Mike's entire family (Mike was diligently taking wedding photos) where we all changed discreetly by the cars and put on makeup (hawk-like eyeliner for me, more vampire powder for others). No seriously, check out that eyeshadow!

We Like Each Other

I jumped at the chance to be part of a Royal Tenenbaum themed couples costume, as the third wheel to Richie and Margot Tenenbaum. I could have easily found a curly black wig and red tracksuit, but that would be no fun. Not when I had the best idea ever for a Mordecai Tenenbaum costume. (This is the pet falcon that belongs to Richie Tenenbaum).

How amazing do we look?! Susan (one of my amazing sisters-in-law) even made the wooden finger that Margot has. It was the most fun...

Royal Tenenbaums

Then we have one of Mordecai and Mike. I can't tell you how much fun I had with these wings. And it was the easiest costume to make. Hot glue gun, feathers, scraps of fabric and a little glitter.

Mordecai and Mike

Mike and I couldn't do the couple's costume because I did not feel like being the mate to a pink gorilla. Though I have been called a crazy banana before...

Mike at Sheila's Wedding

There's always next year!


sulu-design said...

Best. Costumes. Ever.

And a cute cut, too. I kinda think you can do no wrong with that shiny hair of yours.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Every time you are absent for awhile you seem to have been on some mega multi-state tour, are you secretly a rock star?

Halloween wedding? That's awesome!

BAB said...

You guys are hilarious! Love the costumes -:). You always put a big smile on my face. Love ya!