20 May 2010

To Do: Fabric Flowers

Our next wedding project is making some simple fabric flowers to create an arch for the ceremony. I purchased some solid fabrics a few months ago, and a new pair of scissors (half off! thanks to the lovely, Andrea!) We have finished the tissue paper pomanders, so now we can move onto this step.

Fabric Flowers

Heck, I even washed the fabrics when I purchased them, so they would be ready to iron and sew up when I got around to it. I'm thinking of improvising on Martha Stewart's fabric flower tutorials.


There are some cute ideas, especially the May Day type wands for the flower girls. Mine are adorable, and little spitfires (in a good way). I'm worried that they may whack some guests, or their siblings if i created this though....


Our colors are slowly turning into yellows and oranges. I may dye some muslin with some bright pinks, to bring that out. I just didn't see anything at the fabric store in the warm colors I wanted. I have a feeling that I'll be making enough fabric flowers in the next two weeks to last a lifetime. Good thing I have two thimbles! Perhaps Mike will be watching golf or hockey instead of March Madness for this craft.

Hanging to Dry

Other than that, we just have to finalize some details for the actual ceremony, and take care of a few things here and there, like making namecards. A great friend of mine is an officiant, and we're so lucky to have her marrying us! She's also a poet, and I just know it will be so special.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!


sulu-design said...

I'm getting so excited for this wedding! I loved seeing the stamps on the invitations the other day, and seeing the happy colors you're using to make the flowers is so fun. Almost makes me wish I could do mine over... but not really, 'cause I'm a stress case when it comes to planning parties - so maybe I could hire you in my pretend re-marriage.

Anonymous said...

i adore the colors in these shots. beautiful!

xo Alison

bed frames said...

It seems that you know what and how to do certain things that for me is quite difficult.

Jamie Watson said...

I can't wait to see the flowers when you are finished. That sounds soooo romantic and lush!

Heather - BAB said...

Your and Mike's wedding turned out just like your picture envisioned, and it was a perfect day! We had a blast and were so happy to be part of your day. Love you so much!