12 October 2009

Two Coasts + A Mountain Top

Correct grammar will not be utilized today. I want to document, but girl is dragging!

Some space planning to help a friend who just bought a beautiful new house! Friend's band playing in town. Helping a friend with kitchen planning, and got yummy food from a Greek Festival in exchange. (Thanks, Clara!)


Friends in town from Louisville. Reading Terminal. Eating our way through Philly. The usual historical sights. The Philadelphia Museum of Art. More food!

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Oh, and they wanted to see the Atlantic Ocean! We built a big hole and watched it fill in with water. Way too much fun!

Atlantic City

Subway, Amtrak, 2 Subways, 1 bus, 1 taxi and a rental car with friends to make it to my best friend's wedding in Shenandoah National Park. (Mike would arrive later, so thankfully I only had to take this crazy route once to make it to the rehearsal dinner!)

The wedding was amazing! One of those weekends where you get to spend lots of time with old friends and new friends, work together and enjoy everything! The view wasn't half bad either (wink).


Two days in Philly. Quizzo. Flight at the crack of dawn to Las Vegas to San Francisco to visit 3 of my favorite cousins who were visiting from the Philippines. They're the children of my mom's twin, so that's pretty special in my opinion.

Seeing Lake Mead and Las Vegas where I spent a wonderful summer at the age of 22 and got a huge scar from a cactus.

Lake Mead

San Francisco. Getting accused of trying to steal a breakfast sandwich from Burger King due to a bacon / sausage discrepancy. Uh, not quite. Sausolito. Napa Valley. More new Filipino friends! Picnic in Napa from their "7-11" aka Dean and DeLuca. Not a cheap picnic! Haha. Wine tasting. Beautiful California light. I think I'm a California Girl stuck on the East Coast, but am okay with that. Breathtaking views on the drive and sunsets on the way home. Filipino food at a real Pinoy restaurant! Complete with my favorite Ube Ice Cream.

2 for $35!

Helping the economy with our shopping for gifts to bring home to the Philippines. My cousin buying a pair of Converse and realizing they gave him 2 left shoes! More laughter than you could imagine in 4 short days. So much love for all of my cousins. Filipino and American.

Napa Valley

Flight home last night at midnight. Cab ride home. Bike ride to work in the chilly weather. This girl is ti-red. But oh so happy!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

DAMN! Living the life of a rock star. What fun, the bay area is my favorite place on earth and my parents just went to Sonoma, very jealous of anyone who got to go to Napa + even Shenandoah. I was accused of shoplifting once at a Shakey's Pizza, but outright thievery at Burger King?!? Did they send the creepy plastic King after you?
Now sleep

sulu-design said...

Okay, so you've been a little busy... I'll accept the long absence here. There was too much goodness in all of that, but my favorite part has to be the shoplifting accusation. I mean really.
I've not been to Shenandoah yet, but I'm determined to tick all of the national parks off my list. One day. Looks like it's gorgeous.
And I love the shot from the air plane - mine always turn out lame. I guess some seriously good subject matter helps.
And lastly, I like to hear that you're helping a friend with some interior design. Building a portfolio, perhaps???

Jessica Nichols said...

Who needs grammar when you have adventures such as these to share! Sorry I missed you this trip, germies hit the house. But gosh you make California sound fun, even to someone who lives here. :)

Lisa said...

good heavens, I think I need a nap! That's exhausting, but sounds like you had a really marvelous time. Meanwhile, here in Philly, we've missed you.

Jamie Watson said...

oh wow, I'm so behind on reading my favorite blogs! You were in San Francisco! If you ever come here again, I want to meet you!!

Robin said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it all! LOVE the picture of you in VA.

ambika said...

This looks like such a whirlwind of fun. & the shoe photo/story makes me smile.