04 September 2009

Bridal Tea Party

I wanted to share the first creative thing I've done in awhile! I'm so flattered to be the Maid of Honor in one of my dearest friend's weddings next month. This past weekend, I drove down to Virginia to host an English Tea Party for the bride with a few of her friends.

I wanted to create a favor for the guests, and used the Tea Party itself as inspiration. I purchased each girl a jar of local Delaware honey from The Reading Terminal in Philly. Is there anything prettier than the glowing amber shades created by sun shining through honey?


Then I selected three loose teas from Premium Steap, which is my favorite local tea shop. I was going to get a tea ball for all of the ladies, but instead, we stuffed them ourselves with tea bags I already had. Well, Mike stuffed fifty something bags of tea, and I stapled and labeled. He also helped me color hearts and labels! Mainly, because the bride is one of his favorites of my friends, but basically, it's because he's so sweet!

Bridal Shower Favors

I finished it off with tongue-in-cheek, ultra cheesy rhymes. They were cutesy, but also explained what the teas were. Here's a sampling if you will:

"Let's celebrate the Bride to Be, With a cuppa English Breakfast Tea!"
"Our best wishes that they won't live in a hut, So drink some Black Tea with Coconut!"

It was hard to rhyme with Pineapple, but Lord knows I tried:
"Wishing them a life filled with love and laughter, Enjoy Green Tea with Papaya and Pineapple!" (I know...right?!)

Oatlands Plantation, Virginia

All in all, it went well. Except for the poor gal that was grossed out by the thought of Wildflower Honey. Bless her heart. I told her she had my permission to give it away or throw it out! (wink)


rachel said...

What a cute idea! I love wildflower honey, such a medley of flavors. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Again, so impressed and inspired by ya gurrrl!!! Hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

ohhh...honey and tea, my two favorite things.

Still trying to figure out what part of "wildflower honey" grossed that girl out, though.....

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

ok, grossed out by wildflower honey" ? what's up with that?

Very cute favors you made there.
Your friend must adore you.
Congrats on being so creative + clever!

About Me said...

There is a black tea with coconut? Really? I must try that someday.

LOVE the photo of the honey, beautiful colors.


sulu-design said...

You're the greatest. I'm sure your pal was totally smitten with your sweet gifts. And that poor girl better watch out... looks like there are several people 'round this way who'd like to swipe that wildflower honey right out of her hands!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I guess you needed one of those songwriter's rhyming dictionaries that my boy is always making fun of (don't think Bruce needs one).

OK, grossed out by wildflower honey? Seriously? She can give it to me or I can share with Susan after she swipes it out of the gal's hands. Seriously...WTF?

Anonymous said...

mariss i think you are genius!
love your idea

Mindy said...

Ha! Did you really say "bless her heart" in your blog? You cutie pie, you!

Heather said...

I loved the bridal shower and I love you more! 20 days until our wedding! Thanks for everything, you are the best!