06 May 2009

Tie Dyed Yarn

As I mentioned in my last post, 4 of the 8 gals I was with for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival fell in love with the yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarn. The fifth girl caved in after she got home and ordered some off of the internet. I only hope that it doesn't let me down. So often I fall for these gorgeous variegated yarns (such as Colinette Jitterbug), only to have them disappoint when they don't look as pretty knitted up.

Creatively Dyed Yarns

But just look at this yarn. The skein I bought is Calypso in colorway Crazy. That suits me, don't you think? (wink)

It makes me want to dip my feet into the Carribean, drink a fruity cocktail and tie dye tee-shirts circa 1987 all at the same time. While knitting a flirty shawl with my feet propped up.

Calypso Crazy

I wound it up at Rosie's tonight. I immediately hugged the skein when it was wound, I kid you not.


I think my knitting hiatus has reached a hiatus...