27 May 2009

Catching Up

I keep meaning to write summaries of these weekend trips I've been on, but the words are not coming out. I am tired! Here's a quick map instead. The markers are from college, and I couldn't reach the second set with the more neutral colors, I'm just saying...that green is not my favorite!

Recent Travels

I went to Virginia to visit wineries and celebrate Heather's 30th birthday!


There was Baltimore to attend Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, which I've written extensively about (you'll remember the funnel cake).

We went to Washington D.C. to attend my cousin Cara's graduation from GW. Mike and I visited the Smithsonian Native American Museum (amazing, need to go back) and the Natural History one. We also walked down the Mall, visited Abe Lincoln, saw the monuments, and got told by a sweet old man that I was humming a wonderful tune. (He was clearly lying, but sweet nonetheless!) I'll admit that I got verklempt by all the history while standing next to a huge President Lincoln. It was so humid Mike could not believe I come from Florida with all my complaining. Yet, when we were by the Lincoln Monument debating whether we had time to run up and see it, we agreed that he helped free slaves, and we could walk up the damn stairs!"

Washington D.C.

It was really cool to see things that I've seen as a child (we visited DC twice for 4th of July as a family), and see them as an adult. I still loved the minerals and gems, since I loved collecting rocks as a kid. The dinosaurs weren't too bad either.


This weekend I visited my family in Jersey to celebrate my cousin Meghan's graduation from Rutgers. She was Magna Cum Laude from the School of Engineering. I am so proud of both of my cousins! Aunt Pam made her famous garlic crabs, yum!


I may just make it up to New York this weekend to see some middle school friends. We shall see. The tolls are kicking my butt!


Mindy said...

Fun! Let me know if you're up for a cup of coffee in the 'boken when you're in NYC. :-) I'd love to see you!

Regina said...

well is looks like you have certainly been busy, sweetie... we missed you at KC but you're excused for dragging poor Mike all over and having so much fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

enjoy yourself! (though it sounds like you are... so what kind of comment is that???)

Regardless, enjoy your family + friends. Happy weekend.

sulu-design said...

Ah ha - just as I ordered! Now that we've both gotten around to catching up, I see you have been having one rockin' time. I knew you would be. Good for you.

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, middle school friends? You're good at staying in touch!