15 April 2009

Dyed Eggs and Missing Peeps

It must have started when I was running errands at the drugstore a few weeks ago, surprised at the high volume of Easter paraphernalia I generally don't notice. The mini Cadburry eggs and I have both agreed that it's best if we not meet often. Peeps you ask? I'd rather look at them and imagine enjoying them, or even paint one. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of marshmallows. But I've decided I like them best toasted, in Rocky Road ice cream, or in S'mores, where they belong.

So I was shocked when after 13 years of ambivalence towards Easter, I had the strongest urge to dye Easter eggs at 2:27PM on a Tuesday afternoon. I waited the remaining 153 minutes to ditch my bike at home, get a dozen eggs, and obtain a package of PAWS brand egg dye tablets that my Grandpa used to buy for us.

They still make them! They make special sparkly eggs too, but I actually resisted the glitter. The moment I put the tablets in my hand, I suddenly missed my Grandpa and my brother so much.

Dye + Dipper

I don't know how many times we visited my Grandparents in New Jersey for Easter, but I have strong memories. It was where we saw snow for the first time one year, and made my only snowman ever. Grandpa used to say he would mail us snow in Florida, but no matter how much we pleaded, this never happened!

He took such care in making sure we drew our design with the crayon, and used the special dipper that he adjusted
just so, to dye our Easter eggs. He wasn't a talkative man, but you knew how much he loved us through things like that. In fact, he must have bought 2 sets of dye, so that Andrew and I could each have our own dipper. He was a good Grandpa.

purple + orange

Mike needed no persuading for this endeavor. He believed me when I said I was only hard boiling 8 eggs, when I really made 13. I knew he'd want to dye more than his allotted share, and didn't want him taking up mine! Believe me, he was pleasantly surprised when he had fresh canvasses.


Paws no longer includes a crayon, to my mother's dismay. Even though she would have prefer to have a grandchild of her own to dye eggs with (yesterday), she wanted to make sure I was doing it right. In a house full of art supplies, we have not one crayon. After trying to melt candle wax and use pin-heads to draw, we gave up. Plus, we had to make it to Quizzo, and were on a tight schedule.


I was surprised that after all of that urgency, I wasn't that interested in dyeing too many eggs. I think I just wanted to remember good times with my Grandpa and brother. To let them enjoy a piece of life with me, from my heart where they reside.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Being a huge subscriber to the 101 uses for vinegar cleaning methodology (I just made that "methodology" stuff up) I am constantly experiencing scent memories associated with dying eggs. One year we tried an oil based Italian marbling kit, what a disaster + what a mess. Stick to the classics.

Lisa said...

I do miss dying the eggs, but since I won't eat them...

Hey when did eggs come with pretty speckled insides?

Anonymous said...

how lovely that the tradition of dying eggs remind you of two people you loved deeply :) How lucky you are! Hope you had a wonderful easter holiday.

Decor Addict said...

I wish I had given in to temptation this year and made my own easter eggs. I've made a mental note of it for next year though.

BTW, Thank you sooo much for commenting on my blog a few weeks ago, I LOVE comments!


susan said...

the glitter eggs are bad news...got them a couple of years ago...eggs are sticky after you peel them, glitter sticks.
as for peeps, have you seen this?

Jacqueline said...

Love this post and it's been ages since i made my own easter eggies! I think i will make a note for it next year too! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!