16 September 2008

Cutting + Cutting + Inspiration

I've been desperately wanting a dedicated workspace in our living room to work on my drawing, sewing and crafting. We carved out an area by pushing our couch away from the wall. A trip to Ikea and some allen-wrenching later, I had my new workspace.

New Workspace!

The first thing I did was take the opportunity to slog through a collection of design magazines, and edit what I wanted to keep. I purged mercilessly, and only kept the good stuff. (And yes, this included a photo of Wonder Woman as shown below).

Cutting + Cutting + Cutting

Some items were to remember specific patterns, color, pieces of furniture, silver painted radiators, indoor tents or inspiration for things to make. Other items were cut out because they make me want to create. Create, in whatever sense that may be. Knit. Sew. Draw. Paint. Etc.

Mess of Inspiration

I felt so professional sitting at my little desk, facing towards the room. It made me remember rearranging my bedroom at midnight or after school as a third grader. One time, I changed my desk so that it was facing the doorway to my bedroom. I set it up like my teacher's desk, and even hung a poster of a dog on the front of it. I guess that gene was always present.

This page below shows you some of the material items I would most like to have (furniture wise). Believe me, there are chandeliers and glitter aplenty in my books. For a girl who rarely wears jewelry, I find that amusing.

Future Couch (I wish!)

I've been wanting to create these books for awhile. They're cheap Target photo albums with the plastic sticky sleeve to keep things in. It was fun to group the cuttings by color or just put things together haphazardly.

I must say, it's even more fun to look at them and dream about the things you want to do. Or make. Someday.

Lanterns + Embroidery + Color, Oh My!

What do you do when you need inspiration?


meg said...

I'm always impressed by people who can have the presence of mind to cut out inspiring images. I usually just write some word down on a slip of paper, and then lose it.

For inspiration, I go to the library. Or, I used to go to the ICA, but that's not really available anymore. I guess I'll have to start going to the Mass. ICA.

Vanessa said...

I read your blog! :) Your notebooks look great. I cut things out of magazines, too, though I used to do it much more than I do now.

This past year I've been paying a lot more attention to my surroundings when I go for walks as inspiration for knitting colors. I've been focusing on the different colors of the season and was amazed last winter to find beauty in what I used to consider a desolate, ugly landscape. But now I appreciate the muted blues, pinks, whites, greys and browns. And the past week has shown an amazing combination of deep mulberry mixed with bright green, yellows and oranges from the changing leaves. I'd like to start taking photos and make a "seasonal" college of those and cutouts and maybe some quotes in my study to celebrate whichever season I'm in.

Lisa said...

OMG...you so need a crystal disco ball!!! Love the notebook and new workspace. Congrats on carving out a space for your creativity.

Anonymous said...

Your books are such a great idea! I cut stuff out of magazines when I am working on a specific thing, like right now I am planning an art deco bathroom. But I love the idea of a general-inspiration set of notebooks!

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

I keep a bunch of "notebooks" with idea that I have edited from magazines. I started this about 8 years ago... (when magazines started to take over my family room) It's so great to have a design resource readily available for inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Marissa,

When I grow up I aspire to be like you. Your inspiration books are working! I feel excited and inspired and want to create a finky workspace at my house now.

Thanks amiga,

Laura said...

So glad you have a creative-friendly space now!

I have two huge cork boards on which I tack things. Photos, magazine pages, paint swatches, etc. And like Meg, I have a million little scraps of paper in my purses with stuff written on them like, "A-line" or "Peacock & Yellow". Like I'm supposed to remember what I was talking about by the time I get home?

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

You have made this compulsive organizer proud! My mother had shelves + shelves of magazines in those cardboard magazine holders, organized by year...hum...wonder where I get that from??? I told her she should do exactly what you are doing, so much stuff, keep what you want, recycle the rest.

I get inspiration from magazines (I love Dwell) + I'm obsessed with those Swedish style Japanese craft books. Mostly I think inspiration comes from not wanting to ever be on "Clean House."

With a Flourish said...

I'm a fellow magazine clipper... I love cutting out things for inspiration & drive my husband crazy because I can't throw away any magazines until I've had a chance to dig through them one final time & cut out favorites!

I started off trying to put everything in binder/ notebooks, but it quickly became overwhelming... I now have a freestanding filebox that I put my clippings in. Bonus is that I can easily pull items I like & mix-and-match for projects I am working on, or just my office bulletin board!

ambika said...

Oh, I'm envious! We're currently working on a plan to get what is technically the 'office' (a rarely used space housing the boyfriend's desk top computer, file cabinets, etc) converted into a shared space so I can have some real space to sew. It might take some time but I know it'll be so worth it.