25 August 2008

Blue Cummerbunds + Glitter Storms

A windstorm of glitter swept through our house this weekend. Magical flecks of silver dust travelled from room to room, suspended mid-air, gently making their way to the floor which I just swept last week.


Did I mention that I created this mayhem? Although I thoroughly enjoyed my bling-storm, I was slightly horrified when we realized sparkling dust was finding its way into Mike's studio and attacking his work! (Note to self: Did you not learn your lesson with you and Susan frosted cupcakes with this edible glitter for Becky's wedding?!)

Gaudy Cake

So, yeah. I frosted another cake. Two friends and I made a carrot cake which must have weighed almost 15 pounds to celebrate a couple's recent marriage. I was in charge of frosting it, and had a wee bit of difficulty with the cream cheese icing.

Gaudy Cake

What was supposed to be a sophisticated design, turned into a gargantuan cake reminiscent of the "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" from Back to the Future.

I think that the slightly gaudy creamy frosting and 1970s tuxedo blue worked for this non-traditional couple.

Gaudy Cake

The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with cream cheese frosting, no matter how much your cake resembles a giant cummerbund.


Robin said...

Looks yummy . . . No way that could be considered a vegetable (really can't figure out where my mom comes up w/ that one).

Nic said...

When I glanced at the title of this post, I thought it said blue cucumbers, and I was waiting to read something about that... lol, I was confused until I got the bottom of the post and realized my mistake. I don't get the glitter storm though, is there more to that story? And what lesson was supposed to have been learned from the cupcake frosting? Maybe I'm just out of it today!

Mariss said...

My bad, Nic. The glitter is shiny dust that you can sprinkle on frosted items or baked goods to make everything really sparkly! I guess I forgot to mention that ;)

Lisa said...

Wow, I'd love to add that to the veggie part of my food pyramid! How splendiferous...and sparkly.

Meg said...

I want to eat that cake now, thanks. And: If all weddings were celebrated with cakes that reminded you of back to the future, there'd be way less divorce. No joke.

Andrea said...

I like it. When can I place an order. Yummy!!

Anonymous said...
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