15 July 2008

Scarf for Sammie

I love this Tilli Tomas yarn from MD Sheep and Wool, but I adore my friend Sammie even more. I babysat her as a little girl, and once accidentally dyed her pink by using food coloring in order to convince her to take a bath. Her parents thought it was hysterical and bring it up annually.

Only funnier is that in an unintentional way to get me back, they neglected to mention that a six foot pig stuffed with an apple in it's mouth was chilling in their tub waiting for a roast the next night. I found this out while using their restroom.

Drop Stitch Scarf

So, I'll be seeing my friend Sammie soon, and she's recovering from pretty extensive knee surgery. She recently learned to knit, so I thought I'd make her a fun scarf to wear in Florida. This girl always makes me homemade books, jewelry, and was my brother's favorite fake little sister.

Did I mention that I'd see them this weekend? Thus, the easy pattern and drop stitch on size 10s. I think that this John Deere loving gal will appreciate the green.

Drop Stitch Scarf

I'm off to Quizzo, my friends! Have a great night.


PrincessPea said...

I LOVE that you dyed her pink - she must have thought you were the coolest babysitter ever! And the pig in the bath - brilliant!

Lisa said...

That is sooooo funny...how long does food color last? And are there any available children for me to dye?

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

my kids would love for you to babysit them! William would want you to use blue, but have no fear, pink is Davis's favorite colour :)

Your friend Sammie is going to just love that "john deere" coloured scarf!

andrea said...

oh my. pig in the bathtub? i got chills just thinking about how shocking that would be to unexpectedly discover!

The scarf will be a lovely gift for her! That green is beautiful.

I do need to come to knitting circle one of these days. Maybe next Wednesday???

Miss Grace said...

That is a super fun summer scarf. It helps that I'm in love with all things green.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I love this! It looks like it would work really well for late summer. I've been SO into the trend of summer scarves this year!