07 February 2008

Pop. Pop. Pop.

It's been hard to find inspiration for the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap with all the rain and sixty degree weather we've been having in Philly. I finally got the ideas in my head onto paper, and they're coming along (fingers crossed, though!)


For someone who does a lot of linework and watercolor, it can be a challenge to translate my style into ink and layers. Luckily, I have a treasure chest of Tria markers and tracing paper to assist in the process.

Tria Markers

Pop, pop, pop, pop! are the sounds of gocco bulbs exploding. One day I'll create my gocco tutorial and this will make more sense.


There's something so soothing about mixing paint or ink. Seriously, try it. You feel so accomplished and professional for those brief moments.


There's some heart crossing and superstitious rituals when peeling off the image and seeing if your master was created properly. I think that Andrew's heart shaped lucky rock helped in this case, as it was 'touch and go' for awhile.


Then there's the fact that I was overzealous with my design and amount of colors for my first layer. You'll have to wait and see.


In the meantime, I should have a legwarmer reveal by Saturday. Taking the bowl of yarn to a Superbowl party, and stuffing the yarn into a gallon sized ziploc bag turned them into a travelling project after all.

To all the people who found me insane...well, that realization was frankly inevitable, my friends. (wink)


EmilyG said...

Such a mysterious process!

Lisa said...

Looking forward to seeing both projects, but admit I am truly fascinated with the Gocco process. There's alot of color going on there!

Anonymous said...

Ah great Gocco goddess- maybe someday you will teach me the mysterious ways of your art, and I'll bring pie or cake or cookies... :)


coloredsock said...

hey there, i can't wait to see how this turns out. so interesting. i know nothing about it. sounds like you've been busy! and looks like you're having fun. oh, i love that picture below of the colored yarns in the lime green bowl. mmm...