27 November 2007

Illustration Friday: Scales

Scales for Illustration Friday's topic last week. I painted layer after layer of silver watercolor to give it a sheen.

Illustration Friday: Scales

You can't see the metallic silver in this photo, but you can definitely see it in the shot below.

Scales for IF

Heather was visiting me and really liked it, so it's hers now!

Speaking of freebies, I'm renewing my subscription to Domino magazine. Since I get one free gift subscription when I renew, I thought one of my crafty blog friends may want it.

If you would like to enter for my gift subscription, just leave a comment guessing the date (month and day only) that I got my braces off in the 6th grade. Why that day? Only because it was one of the best days of my life!

Whomever is closest to the date will win. I'll select a winner on Monday, December 3rd.


junkdrawer said...

ooooh. Love Domino and my subscription ran out...I'm going to guess my lucky date:


Laura said...

That's beautiful! I love the metallic touch.

Hmm, for no reason whatsoever I'll guess November 7th.

susan said...

um, my subscription ran out too...i have a free one for Metropolitan Home....do you get that?

nessagr said...

April 13