23 October 2007

The Yarn Harlot

Highlights from my past week (or so), in a disjointed, not necessarily grammatically correct format, for all you sticklers:

I made some progress on the socks. I took this picture in Mike's studio. I would tell him to replace this godawful chair, but he loves it. Plus, it's his studio, not mine!


I tagged along with Aimee at the Philly Design*Sponge Biz Meet-up. I got to meet the lovely, Grace Bonney, herself. What a wealth of information.

While visiting the Philadelphia Free Library just to return books, I got to attend a cooking demonstration by Chef Morimoto. I thought he would be stoic, like he is on the Iron Chef. Not at all, in fact, what a riot. He was also remarkably honest and appreciative of his success.

I enjoyed bonding with the SEPTA bus drivers who volunteered their time to chauffeur people around for Philadelphia Cares. Wasn't that nice? I love them! I hope those SEPTA increases give my new friends some benefits.

I'm not sure how much better the school is for the lockers I cleaned out, but I did take one for the team by cleaning up 'something' green. My friend flaked out, but she had a good excuse. And those high school boys I hung out with were super cute! (ha ha)

I started a super secret baby project with Lisa for Courtney's pending arrival. I'll show you soon, hold your horses!

Oh, yeah. I got to hold the sock!


The Yarn Harlot was speaking right over the Delaware River, and I got to go with my new friend, MB. I had the best time. We were the last people to get our books signed, and spent the time friendly heckling new acquaintances we had made while they were in line.

I'm not kidding you. We were so slap-happy and giddy towards the end, we literally hummed the Rocky Theme song when these gals finally made it to the front of the line. I said,"Do the pose!" As you can see, they were game.


I'm off to Quizzo, hoping we will win tonight so I'll get some free beer.


Lisa said...

Marissa, you missed your calling, you should have either been a choreographer or a game-show contestant coordinator. I have never seen someone get total stangers to act so zany in my life!

The kitties say, "Hi, Auntie Marissa! Sunday was fun..."

kat said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!
The socks look great :)