31 May 2007

Art Star Craft Bazaar

If you're in Philadelphia this weekend, you should definitely stop by the Art Star Craft Bazaar in Northern Liberties.

It is this Saturday and Sunday, June 2nd and 3rd. For more details, please link here. The girls who own Art Star are really nice, and one of them is a great hula-hooper.


I will be stopping by to see my girl, Aimee, the brains and creativity behind Betsy Ross Patterns. Hopefully, she has one of her "Twirly Skirt" patterns in stock so I can snap one up and have an excuse to buy more fabric! Aimee is one cool lady, you should go and meet her. While you're at it, ask her the capital of Tajikistan, she has a mind like a steel trap.

I also think you'll like my friend Leya from Curious Bird. Especially my friends obessed with owls...(Sherry!)

Don't forget to get a cupcake at Brown Betty before you leave. Um, and perhaps one for your friend Marissa...


Aponia said...

are you going are you going are you going???

I think we are going early on saturday so we can get lunch in No Lib then beer at Sugar mom's in the afternoon. Want to meet up?

Lisa said...

Cupcakes at Brown Betty's...my stomach just growled! wish my weekend wasn't so booked :(

sulu-design said...

We may make it there (if the rain holds off), and I'll be hovering over the brown betty table trying to find you if we do! In case I don't see you - have fun and shop, shop, shop!