14 September 2006

Yes...me too...

I was inspired to blog in May, a time where I was obsessed with reading other people's knitting blogs. Many hours were probably wasted...

I thought, "This could be fun!"

Until I remembered that I am a project starter, not a finisher, have "issues" with procrastination and like to think about knitting, but don't always love to do it. (Mainly because I'm sick of my projects!)

I love to knit, but am generally not inspired in the summer. In fact, I only go to knitting circle to see the people and to fondle the yarn. My secret is out.

Spring Garden

However, fall has arrived and I'm feeling inspired again. My knitting circle buddies have referenced me in their blog, so I guess it is time to come out of the closet! I'm going to attempt to blog, and will need to make progress so that I can have pictures to show you! And since I know that photos make blogs more interesting...here's the view from my old apartment on Spring Garden at sunrise.


Aponia said...

You are such a dork!

I miss you!

Free Dog!

Sherry W said...

Yarn voyeur!